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April 24th, 2012

Stellar Artists: A model for success


Stellar artists is led by Paula Taylor, one of Thailand’s leading models and actors. In 2010 she established a reputable artist management company and modelling agency whose aim was to guide the next generation of stars and help them benefit from her wealth of experience.



Led by a star with the calibre of Paula and known for its professionalism, Stellar’s brand awareness and reputation was in good standing, but its identity did not reflect this solid reputation. With a wealth of agencies all vying for new talent and clients, Stellar Artists knew it needed more to be able to outshine its competitors and succeed.



Working closely with Paula herself, Brand New Day crafted the brand identity using an approach that evolved the original identity into one more suited to its reputation in the current market. This new, more modern interpretation of the original identity successfully positioned Stellar Artists as the leading artist management agency in Thailand.

Text and Photo Credits:
Paula Taylor’s Modeling Agency in Thailand: