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February 18th, 2010

Planet Paula




That’s it for this week, now its my whole week work of tapes all done today and now off to the airport coz I have to go to the Philippines and get my award.

I try to make myself grounded as much as possible…all my friends around me definitely do not treat me any difference…so that’s a good thing and also doesn’t make me feel any special so I feel pretty normal.

I think at times life can be pretty exciting. its not that dull, its pretty a good thing coz boredom I think could kill me.

I’m Paula Taylor and this is Bangkok!

Bangkok is one of the best places to live. The people are always friendly, theres always a good vibe in this country. Good food, so much to do, everything is always open.

Friends and family, definitely very important. They are the ones that keep you grounded. Because you are working in the industry where everyone says yes…so its actually nice to have some people says no….you’re like what! NO? What do you mean! NO? Nah! Its actually, its really good. My friends are just like keeps me across ahead if I’m like being whatever. But NO! I don’t keep that much about me must be pretty good.

A Thai belief of letting go of animal is like releasing something that you might be hovering inside so..let’s try it.

Khaosan road is something that …it’s just so different. It’s just like a, it’s a very a very Thailand thing I guess. Khaosan road baby!

As the most destinations around the world, the most coolest place is always hidden, and you know what heres another one a Hippie Bar, let’s go check it. Oh look the Hippie Bar! Guess what there’s hippie sitting at the Hippie Bar, alright!

The coolest thing? You know what the coolest thing in Bangkok city is the fact that you could do anything.

I’ve never growing up thinking about anything about showbiz, I never grew up thinking like this is what I wanted to do. But then on another thought ever since I’ve been doing it, I can’t even think of doing anything else.

A good role model? I mean…as far as most role models go… I don’t think I’m a bad person, I don’t really do anything that’s too taboo. So, if you want too I guess, I mean…I’m just being normal so I don’t really know what does a role model do.

God of love. This is what people come from all over the world mind you, to pray for love…anything you want. You know what its up to you, your choice to believe so lets go and try it, but one’re not suppose to sniff the rose which I’ve already done, so my bad, I wont offer this one but I still make my little prayer…you’ll never know. This wont hurt.

What makes me happy? What do I love and hate? How do I unwind? What is it like…I think pretty much…I don’t know how not to be Paula Taylor.

Getting ready for my sitcom. Shoes. A little bit of everything in here. This is so nice! Road ___ this is so yummy!

Good job for today! Hi still here!