It finally happened

Posted by Paula Fan Club

“Are you still coming?” I was really having second thoughts of saying yes but I already made a promise, I was driving back then and when the lights went red I made a call and said “Sorry for the late reply…Are you sure it’s really ok to go there?” and the other line says “Yes..she really wants to meet you…good luck!”, lights went green and I drove by to this place and suddenly I felt like my stomach is in my throat and my heartbeat is in my teeth. I was really N-E-R-V-O-U-S!

I thought the shoot will start at 9pm and I was there around 7pm-ish and I thought that’s enough time to explain how it all started and to express that I never really thought it would go this far. The area by the way has a very weak signal, fluctuating signal or worst dead spot, couldn’t reach the person I’m supposed to meet so I thought it was the best time to escape, but then again I really want to end the anonymity and I really don’t wanna loose the chance…until my phone rung.

So, I was ushered into the room, it was huge! I was really expecting a typical dressing room, yah knaw…a bit smaller than that and less people. And I wasn’t aware that they were filming already since 4pm and I didn’t know that the huge room was already the dressing room. I suddenly feel like…I’m so lost.

I was trying to observe the room while having a conversation to the one who ushered me in, then she suddenly excused herself and walked towards to whom I thought was also a model for the shoot who just came out of the powder room, wearing full make up and feathery dress. Then the model turns around and said “Are you serious???!!!” she smiles and looks my way, walked towards me and hugs me and I was like “huh?” then I realized it was her! It was already her!!! I didn’t really recognize her, I swear! And she was telling stuff I’m not quite sure how I answered coz more often than not I was…*SPEECHLESS! or I just always SHRUG! and SMILES!* If my memory serves me right, I think she said “I promise it won’t be this way next time! There will be next time..right? I just SHRUG! and SMILES! coz I’m not quite sure if I’ll be willing to participate to a disastrous sequel moment. Then out of nowhere I said to her “You’re so thin!” (where did that come from…ugh). She smiles and I think I lost her there somewhere and I really apologize for saying that out loud. Hoping to recover, I also said “and so tall!” I stand 5′3 but I feel like I’m a midget next to her, I know she’s wearing high heels but to me it feels like she’s wearing 12 inch heels…standing in front of me…thaaat tall!

Until somebody suggest “Picture! Picture!” and she said “Ok let’s have a picture” and I said “Noooo!!!” and she said “C’mon!” and I keep saying “Noooo!!!” then I hid behind her back. I told to the group “She knows why!” pointing to her, and she said “I don’t know why…ok tell me why” I’d like to say “No profile pictures anywhere online, remember? It means I am THAT shy!” but I just SHRUG! and SMILES!* instead. I really wanna go out and run coz I’m really not good at this and I really feel like I’m delaying the shoot, so I gave my gift with my wallet on top of it (hilarious!) I quickly grabbed my wallet after realizing that. “I’m gonna open it now..” she said, as I nod and say “that’s your very first tweet…” I thought she’s going to say “how tweet” but I heard her famous expression instead, “wicked!” and then she laughs. I jokingly said “it’s a pair of earrings” but I think I didn’t deliver it well to make her realized that its not, it’s actually a set of key chains, it’s so thick and a bit heavy to have it as an earrings. Then the staff called her like telling us that they need to go back to work now.

So I said my goodbyes (awfully…coz words are really not coming right out of my mouth) and went outside the room and realized her group was about to leave that room as well, so I waited her to at least walk along before we separate our ways and still had a little conversation like when she asked “Do you live around here?” its gonna be a long explanation that I really don’t have a permanent address there but I think it’s approximately 12-18 Km away from where I stayed so I think it’s worth to say “Yes”. She also offered “Do you like to see the guy I’m working with?” And I said to myself “Hello?! Seeing another star?! I might gonna faint here already!” and she continue to asked “Are you also a fan of him?” and I shyly said “Umm no…” coz I’m a techno pop kind of gal and she’s working with a balladeer but I think I was being rude by saying no, so I quickly add “but I like some of his songs” which is really true.

Reaching the lounge knowing its the final end we stopped and I said “So, there…mystery ended!”, then she hugs me again saying her endless appreciation.

I just wish I could have said the things I wish to say like “Thank you so much for being so so nice and being so trustful even we haven’t met before.” …but I couldn’t really uttered the right words to say because my STARSTRUCK ABSORBER was missing in action! I’d like to ‘share’ the name but I’ll just let it go. And immediately after that meet up, I headed South with the girls to unwind as it was already planned that night, and they eventually played as my starstruck absorber.

For someone who claims to be a fan maybe I reacted differently but I swear I’m really a huge fan, a mumbo jumbo fan, but I get really nervous about talking to people. I do love people and I wish I was better at talking to them. I’m one of those people that likes to sit back and watch everybody else interact and try to figure people out a little bit before I actually interact. Maybe if I was given a chance to observe, things would’ve happened differently.

So, to sum it up…what happened there was a disaster…obviously! But it was fun…embarrassing… but fun. :)